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EZ863H Devices

The EZ863H is a complete system solution for many M2M metering applications such as Gate control, Cellular alert systems, automatic meter reading (AMR), and more.

The device includes a modem engine of Telit xE910 family with Python and a microcontroller for peripheral assistance.


Main features:

  • Integrated microprocessor for system watchdog

  • 8 x digital 0-50V inputs

  • 2 x 4-20mA 12-bit analog inputs

  • 2 x 0-15V analog 12-bit inputs

  • 1 x relay output

  • 3 x open collector outputs

  • 2g/3g modem

  • GNSS/GPS (optional)

  • USB B


Relevant Applications:

  • Cloud Applications

  • GSM Alert

  • Gate Opener

  • GPS Sender

  • EZcounter

  • EZ meter

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