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 GateTel provides a variety of options and configurations. We supply you with everything you need in order to integrate IoT and M2M interfaces into your products. 


GSM 3G Antenna

GSM 3G Antenna - 0.5 meters

Part Number: ANT GSM 0.5m 3G

GPS Antenna, FAKRA Connector

GPS Antenna, FAKRA Connector  - 2 meters

Part Number: GPS ANT FARKA C 

GSM GPS 3G Antenna, FAKRA Connector

GSM GPS 3G Antenna, FAKRA Connector - 0.5 meters (with screw) 

Part Number: ANTGSMGPS3G_FA_B008Z

GSM 2G Antenna

GSM 2G Antenna, Right Angle  - 5 cm

Part Number: ANT GSM 5cm R/A SMA


Power Cable 4-pin

Power Cable - 4 Pin

Part Number: CAB 4P4W F_2 

Power Cable 6-pin

Power Cable - 6 Pin

Part Number: CAB 6P6W F 

USB B to A Cable

USB B to A Cable

Part Number: CAB USB B 

RS232 Cable

RS232 Cable

Part Number: CABLE RS232 

Power Sopplies

Power Supply 1A 12V - Europe

Power Sopply 1A 12V - Europe



Battery for EZ863H-EUG, EZ863H-GNS 

Battery for EZ863H-EUG, EZ863H-GNS 

Part Number: BAT 960

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