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Your IoT Terminal Solutions

Since 2002 GateTel has been developing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf and OEM devices, including End-To-End solutions for the IoT markets.

Cloud IoT Services

Cloud IoT Services

GateTel's devices include seamless connectivity with cloud services. Customers can select a Cloud platform that is provided by GateTel, or set up their own private Cloud.



GateTel devices enable customers to communicate through various secured/ encrypted communication protocols, VPNs and more.



GateTel devices have been designed for mobile applications with small form factor, low power consumption, wide operating temperature range and robust construction.


Introducing the new mini-board, the SWM.

Instant Development and

Implementing IoT Solutions

1. M2M Development Platforms

2. IoT - Internet of Things

3. Cloud Solution Development

GateTel provides fully certified intelligent devices that are ready for development.

Depending on the model; some devices include (built-in) Python, C, or Linux programming capabilities.


Since the devices already include multiple I/O’s, they allow the developer to quickly create their own products at the lowest possible cost and shortest turnaround time.


The benefits to the customer are a competitive edge, better ROI, and higher profits than others that go through Design, Manufacturing, Certifying, and developing their own.

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